Sunday, January 17, 2010

Call it a pepper steak

I have been having an on line conversation/debate with a professional person. This person is an RN and understands that abortion is the termination of life. This person who is intelligent, well written and Jewish, says that all life is sacred but a mother's life is more sacred than a child's life, using the adage that if a mother terminates her child's life, then she can have more children. (huh?)

This person also says that there are extenuating circumstances in which people find themselves in which may permit the termination of their child's life. I don't know what circumstances that is...I think the person is thinking along the lines of rape or incest or being too young, having an illness, or not wanting to have a child at this particular juncture in their life.

It has been an interesting discussion - I have been told that I am closed minded against abortion - yes...I definitely am that. I can not bring myself to say "hey! it is okay to kill this human being because x, y or z".

A friend wrote this on her blog the other day "If you think Truth demands my acceptance of its essence in order to exist then fine...look at your wrist watch, call it a pepper steak and take a bite."

I promptly told her I was going to steal it and she gave me permission and told me that the saying actually came from Father John Corapi. NOW! That is one priest you do not want to get into the 'abortion is okay' debate about!

I love Father Corapi - he, the former drug addict, homeless, God picked up off the street man who knows what life is all about and who preaches just fine!!!

Truth? Abortion is never okay - it is the taking of a human life and when we do that, we are playing at being God. That is just what satan, the fallen angel did...the outcome is not pretty...

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