Saturday, December 19, 2009

Sugar in his gravy

Mel and I attended the memorial service for Ken Brown yesterday. His son, granddaughter and grandson gave moving tributes to him.

Ken was a bold man - bold in his faith - and his son, Rick spoke of the time that Ken decided the men who were at the annual camp for hunting, would say grace before eating their meals. So, he had all of those present hold hands, bow their heads and grace would be said. Rick wondered what it would have been like to have come across this camp site, and see all these hunters, holding hands and saying grace.

At Ken's insistence, these hunters were humbling themselves before God...

Ken also put sugar in his gravy - I do remember having meals that he cooked and they were always delicious, perhaps it was partly the sugar and partly the grace that we always said along side of Ken (although at his home, not out hunting).

In October of this year, I went and spent the day with Pat and Ken. Ken spoke fondly of a meal he had had here in our home - a very simple meal of tacos. For some reason, we added capers to the fixings along with the tomatoes, lettuce, sour cream and Ken loved it. He vowed after he got stronger, (he had already had his chemotherapy sessions and it was the first day of his radiation treatments) he would come over and we would have tacos again.

Although Ken will not be here for tacos with us - I will always think of him every time I eat a taco. . .and gravy and just perhaps, when I say grace and thanksgiving before a meal.

St. Ken, please do pray for us and with us!

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