Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Uh Cecile???

Planned Deathhood's president, Cecile has decided to tell those who subscribe to her politics, to bring up the topic of abortion at the Thanksgiving table. Now, should we be thankful for all the "rugrats" and "brats" that AREN'T sitting around the table thanks to abortion Cecile, which of course, has lined your pockets? Or should we be thankful that there are less of us to eat the turkey this Thanksgiving? I don't know about your household, but in mine, we will be praising God for another year of good life, another year of family and another year of enough food to eat...not about the killing of innocent human beings by abortions.

Here is a snippet of Ms. Richards' brainy idea...""If Uncle Bill wants to debate, here are a few points he will have a tough time responding to: Stupak amounts to nothing less than an unacceptable 'middle-class abortion ban,'" Planned Parenthood advises saying. "If this bill becomes law, millions of middle class women will be prohibited from buying, through the exchange, private insurance that covers abortion, a legal medical procedure."

The Planned Parenthood page urges activists to tell their family that some members of the House who supported the Stupak amendment are experiencing "buyer's remorse" and that "President Obama has indicated the Stupak goes too far."

In other words, Ms. Richards is concerned about her life style and her bottom line. If abortions drop, then Planned Deathhood will not make as much money and her salary may be in jeopardy. Imagine - a world in which children of "middle class women" welcomed babies instead of seeing them as a way for Planned Deathhood to make more money. Read more here

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