Friday, November 20, 2009

Jehovah Witnesses

I had another visit from the J.W.'s. Both of the women who came have been here before. April, a delightful woman, did most of the talking. She handed me a booklet about the 6 myths of Christianity - denied the divinity of Christ and declared herself a Christian.

When I asked her about the founding of their organization, she said "we don't gossip." I don't know what that meant as I was asking her how her organization was founded, who it was founded by and by what authority, but she said that to speak of it would be gossip.

She said that the Catholics added books to the bible. I told her that the canons of the bible were put together by the Catholic Church during the early church councils to defend against heresy. I challenged her to research the history, leaving out religion, as to when the bible canons were put together and by whom. I also challenged her to find out when the Catholics added the books to the bible, so that we could discuss it the next time she came.

She said I was "bold." I don't know why she decided I was bold - I was not the one who knocked on her door, came into her house and proclaimed to be a Christian while at the same time denying the Triune God. Perhaps I am bold in her mind because I do not follow the script she had.

I told her I would read her tract and so I shall. The myths according to the J.W. tracts are as follows 1) God approves of the use of images and icons in worship 2) Mary is the Mother of God 3) all good people go to heaven 4) God is a Trinity 5) The soul is immortal 6) the wicked suffer in hell.

The tract comes from flawed thought - and the flaw in the thinking is that their bible and their teachings are correct. It would be very easy to sit and refute, with scripture, all of the misconceptions in the tract, however that would be a lesson in futility as April and her companion Liz are not seeking what truth is. They have decided that their J.W. teachings are truth and they wish to enlighten me.

To that end, I shall be in prayer for them, because we all know that the truth of the living Triune God is the only truth by which all standards come.

I don't know when they will return to visit with me. But, I will, as always, invite them in to visit. Please keep them and all those who are bold, going from door to door, often times receiving great rejection, in prayer - that they would come to know God in His Fullness.

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