Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wednesdays are killing days

in East Bremerton at Planned Deathhood.

This afternoon there was a young man standing outside of the abortion mill and we motioned him to come over and talk with us. He came up to us and he told us he is 19 years old, his girlfriend is 8 weeks pregnant and she was consulting with those who would kill her baby about when to have the procedure done.

She came out and was NOT happy that he was talking to us. These two have been dating for two years - this is their first child. The young man seemed as though he was a deer caught in the headlights - his girlfriend was adament that she would NOT be pregnant with his baby in a week.

The young man is black - his girlfriend white - and I am sure that that plays a part in the decision to carry the baby to term or not.

Please pray for this young couple - please pray that he is able to convince her that this baby should not have to pray the price of their lust. Please pray that the baby will be allowed to live to see his or her birth day. Please pray that the woman understands that no matter what, whether she has an abortion or not, her life has already been changed and that aborting her baby will only complicate matters in her life.

Pray for this unborn baby - because pro-choice is no choice for any baby.

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