Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Trying to breath

Tomorrow, very early, we will head out to SeaTac Airport. We will board a flight to San Diego and prayerfully be able to see our eldest son tomorrow afternoon!

We will not be able to talk to him - he will be with his platoon. He and his fellow Marines earned the title of Honor Platoon for Alpha Company. OOOH - RAH!! We are parents of a proud Marine.

Many years ago, when Jesse was young, I read a book by Thomas Ricks - Making the Corps. I was amazed at how strong a man must be to make it through boot camp with the Marines. I never dreamed that one day, our son would BE a Marine. Mel recently read Loon, which is about the Corps as well.

Last evening I spoke to Jesse's biological brother. He is driving down from Central California, with his wife, to see Jesse graduate. I am so thrilled about this! The men have not seen one another for 19 years or so. Jesse's biological brother has his laugh! When talking with him last night, it was fun to hear that laughter. We have only spoken to Jesse once since he departed May 11th...it has been a long thirteen weeks!

Jesse's letters home have been delightful - - thank God that he was permitted to communicate with us through letters!

I am grateful to God for the opportunity that the US Marines have given our son to become a better person. I love that he was chosen by the priest to be his platoon's prayer leader! God's love for each and every one of us never falters, never diminishes, never fails...

Semper Fidelis!!!


Theresa said...

Congrats on your son!
I am also a PA woman..
you can check out our site here

I also had a son in the marines! Wait until you see him walk across that deck! what is his MOS?

My son was RECON. He has finished his active duty and is ready reserve right now although he does do training for the Marines on a contract basis.

He served in Fallujah and was stationed in Japan for 2 years.
You are in for a ride...but I have to say..Marine families are the best!

Best to you and your son!
Is he stationed in SD?

chimakuni said...

Theresa!!! Thanks for your encouragement ... his MOS is Field Radio Operator - he is already a diesel mechanic, but went in open.

He will go back down to San Diego for his SOI.

Learning all this new lingo is interesting.

God Bless you and the Good Counsel Homes and Lumina. We had some of the Sisters of Life out here in Bremerton two years ago - one of them has a brother who lives here and attends our parish, Our Lady Star of the Sea.

I missed the RV leadership conference this year - was there two years ago - hope to attend the next one!

Leslie K. said...

I am so proud of my cyber nephew! He has blossomed into a good, solid Catholic Marine! GO JESSE!