Sunday, August 16, 2009

botched abortions?

No, no feminist or those who believe in the ideology of abortion would ever admit that there is such a thing as a "botched" abortion, but readers, it is true - many abortions are botched.

An abortion is not a safe procedure. Many women are rendered infertile, others have their uteruses perforated, others develop endometriosis and still others have surgical problems stemming from their abortions that those who sell abortions deny.

When George Tiller was killed, his family decided to close down his killing field. That was a good decision. Now there is a doctor that wishes to open up that abortion mill and continue late term abortions -

Thankfully, "Dr." (first do no harm) Carhart, will not be able to do so with the blessings of near by Wesley Medical Center.

"Carhart wants to replace Tiller and open up his own abortion facility in Wichita, but he needs an agreement with a local medical clinic to do so, because women injured by botched abortions need to be able to receive immediate medical care."

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