Friday, August 21, 2009

Baby Chase

needs a miracle...he is a little guy who was diagnosed with cancer last fall and he and his family have been at St. Jude's, trying to eradicate the disease.

The other day poor baby Chase suffered a seizure and after testing, they found that he has yet another life threatening tumor. Here are his mother's words...

After a long busy day I am sitting here now with Chase finally resting on his own. Tubes were removed and he is no longer needing oxygen all though he gave everybody quite a scare.

I don't think there is en easy way to say what I am feeling tonight, it was such a devastating day for us. We got all the results from the MRI and lumbar puncture.

It is alot wore than we could ever imagine. It is tumor, its covering the whole lining of his brain and spinal cord. There is no cure for it, there is only a 10% chance for neuroblasto
ma to get to the brain and yet it has. We now face some very difficult decisions to make and none that I want to even think about. We know for sure he is not going to make it but the question is how long while keeping him comfortable and happy. We will have a meeting with the radiologist in the morning and make a decision from there. Thank you for all the messages, I have read all of them. The prayers are unbelievable and we appreciate them. I wil update maybe tomorrow with our plan..............

Please pray for a miracle for baby Chase. His mom is Candice and his father is Nick - he also has a little sister...they need our prayers, too.

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Leslie K. said...

thank you, my dear Sissy. Thank you.