Monday, July 06, 2009

Singer Cheb Mami gets five years in prison ...

"Now, he will be remembered for his part to force his girlfriend to have an abortion.

Following the decision, he broke down in tears and admitted to making a "serious mistake" adding that he felt "trapped" when she told him she was pregnant.

"I was ashamed to have an illegitimate child. A child should be born from a union. I didn't want this child," he told the court."

What I find to be very interesting is his statement - "A child should be born from a union" and I just wonder what he thought he was doing when he was having sexual intercourse with this woman. Did that not constitute a union? He wanted to have sexual relations but not be responsible for that action.

He will spend five years in prison for forcing his girlfriend (who he did not form a union with, apparently) to have an abortion. I wonder when we will get some common sense back in our nation and that murder, the intentional taking of life, which abortion is, should be punishable by life in prison. Read more here.

True, the laws do not read that way at this time and I am not advocating that we punish those who have had abortions, for God knows they punish themselves enough, but I do advocate changing the laws back to the real meaning of "thou shall not kill."

Last Wednesday, I watched a man pressuring a woman to go into Planned Deathhood - he was offended when I held my sign "I regret my abortion" along with another sign that had the phone number for free material assistance. He yelled at me to get off private property - property, that was not his,and it was not Planned Deathhoods' either.

I watched as she reluctantly followed him into the building and then watched as they both came out about half an hour later and went and sat in a new model BMW. I saw a lot of gesturing by her and after about ten minutes, they got out of the car and went into the building again. I do believe that she had been worn down enough to kill her child - but against her will.

Will this man ever be convicted of "forcing" this woman to kill her child? No, probably not in a court of law, but in natural law, he will be. Coercion is wrong. Today this woman is without the baby she nestled within her womb - I cannot imagine that she is happy about having done what he wanted her to do. And statistically, he will leave her high and dry now - even though he probably told her that he would not stay with her nor support the baby if she kept it.

Lord have mercy on our nation for killing our most innocent...

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