Tuesday, July 21, 2009


The spin by MS Richards, it is really okay to kill another human being. Shame on America for falling for the right to "choose" the death of innocents. Editing in red is mine...

Washington, DC (LifeNews.com) -- Not content with efforts from pro-life groups to make sure that the health care restructuring bills in Congress don't force taxpayer-funding or mandate insurance coverage of abortions, Planned Parenthood is fighting back. In two emails over the last three days, the abortion (Multi million dollar) business is trying to rally its supporters.

Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards sounded the alarm on Saturday.Too bad it was not the screams of the babies that Planned Deathhood has murdered.

"During the past week, anti-choice (to kill a baby) groups have turned out in droves to stop progress on health care reform (reform? Killing is now called reform?) in the name of ideology," Richards said.

"The Family Research Council and the National Right to Life Committee published lies about a women's preventive health amendment introduced by Senator Mikulski, claiming that it would mandate abortion(the diliberate dismembering of a human being) coverage," Richards said.

The emailed never discussed the content of the amendment, which would guarantee that Planned Parenthood and abortion would be a part of the health care reform process. Richards also never cited any actual statements from the two pro-life groups or how they were supposedly misleading.(because she can't...)

"But there is no longer any doubt that anti-choice(to kill a baby) forces have zeroed in on the effort to build health care reform (see above) majorities in the House and Senate as their chance to strike a devastating blow to women's access to reproductive(reproductive? we are not asking for anyone to be killed by choice...no, we are asking that we not pay for the killing) health care, including ... abortion," Richards complained.

Though Richards mentioned abortion (oh yah, because Planned Deathhood tells us that they are ALL ABOUT women...just not unborn ones...) -- a rarity in her action alerts -- she spent the rest of the email blasting pro-life groups for wanting to deny women breast cancer (which research has shown to have a link to abortions) screenings and pap smears. No pro-life groups have called for denying women legitimate medical services, but Planned Parenthood relies on claims that women's health would be hurt by the effort to stop abortion(the deliberate dismembering of a human being) coverage and funding.

Today, Richards sent another email blast to abortion advocates with more specific instructions on how to promote abortion in health care.Maybe she thinks she needs to bully them into following what SHE wants - which is for no one to cut into her multi million dollar business dollars

The alert targeted pro-abortion Sen. Max Baucus and Richards asked abortion zealots to bombard him with calls and emails asking that abortion be included.

She urged her supporters to tell him that abortion (gee, Senator - please let us continue to kill our babies and please make sure that the government pay for it) "must be covered in any health care reform legislation."

"As a member of the Senate Finance Committee, Senator Baucus will play a key role in health care reform negotiations. By calling today, you can make a real difference," she said. I will be calling Senator Baucus's office and leaving my desire NOT to pay for any abortions. Thanks for the idea, MS Richards.

The debate on including abortion in health care is becoming more intense, especially following comments from the White House budget chief that abortion could be included.

Peter Orszag, the head of the Office of Budget and Management, would not rule out funding abortions but said he doesn't have an answer right now about whether abortion funding will or won't be included.

Congress is currently considering a handful of health care reform bills that will eventually be combined into one package that will be sent to Obama for his signature. The bills currently set up the decision-making for inclusion of abortion with the Obama administration.(And since Obama has never met a fetus he liked, including those born alive during abortions, what do you think he will do?)

On June 19, the House Committees on Ways and Means, Energy and Commerce, and Education and Labor announced that a new Obama-run Advisory Committee will decide which services will be covered.

Unless amendments are adopted saying abortion is specifically included, abortion will likely be a part of the government-run health care plan.Which of course means that Planned Deathhood will be getting richer off of my tax dollars and yours. Which of course means that I will not have the freedom to be opposed to government funding of the killing of the youngest and most vulnerable among us.

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