Thursday, July 09, 2009

God is GOOD, always

and in this case, Christina has decided against aborting her child. Praise God! She is concerned about telling her mother that she is pregnant, so please continue to be in prayer for her and for the father of the baby, who is stepping up to the plate of fatherhood.

Please pray for a dear dear friend of mine whose husband has lung cancer. It is pretty much inoperable, sans a lung transplant, but other medical issues make that likelihood close to zero. Please pray for them as they navigate this difficult medical situation.

Please pray for my friend as she is the sole care giver of her elderly father and he is becoming less and less lucid.

Please pray for Don as he goes through his cancer treatments. Don and his beautiful wife are converts to Holy Mother Church from the Assemblies of God and have brought their heart for missionary work with them to Africa and have assisted many in Uganda.

For all these prayers and for your intentions, Lord Hear Our Prayer -

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