Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Funny things and sad ones too

Funny things happen at Planned Deathhood on Riddel Road in East Bremerton. Today was abortion day - there is nothing funny about least two women came out after having had abortions in the ninety minutes I was there. I felt so badly for them.

One of the drivers in a car that left the driveway of Planned Deathhood began yelling at us. Since I was too far away to hear her, I approached her car. She said "Why do you do this b.s.* stuff. Don't you have any f-g better to do but say all this b.s. sh-t?" She then went on to rant "I have kids in my car and I have to tell them about this sh-t."

I said, "You do have children in your car. And you are worried about what they see and hear...but listen to the words that you are using. Do you object to the word, f, b.s. and sh-t?"

She looked rather startled that I had repeated the obscenities to her. She thought for a nano second and then said "No, that's fine...but you, your b.s. and all the lies. What do you want to do - make children suffer? Do you want to have them abused?"

The funny part is that the children in her car were all bunched together in the back seat, no car seats and she was in clear violation of the law...but she was just fine in yelling obscenities.

I asked her how any child was being abused by us being at the sight, praying. I told her that I had had an abortion 39 years ago and I wanted to warn people against having one.

To that she answered "that you bad, not my bad."

So, this woman in her own way acknowledged that abortion was bad, but she was mad at us for praying for women not to have abortions.

This is so the world today - confused, irrational and funny - not in the ha-ha sense, but in a touched in the head sense. I fear that most of our culture cannot think rationally, but follow blindly, the rhetoric that they hear and have no idea of how to think for themselves.

The sad thing - two women came out of Planned Deathhood today, both of them, walking slowly and painfully, with brown paper bags in their hands. They had sweats on and one could tell that they had just had abortions...two innocent lives were taken today within the ninety minute period that I was there. I cried.

I cried for the women who gave their children up to death for whatever reason and I cried for the lives that were terminated way too early.

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