Saturday, June 20, 2009

Late Term Abortions

Ever wonder about late term abortions, those occuring 16 weeks into a pregnancy? Well, here are some facts...

According to AGI, abortions for indication of fetal abnormaility only consists of 2% of all late term abortions, other reasons given include:
Woman did not realize she was pregnant 71%
Difficulty making arrangements for abortion 48%
Afraid to tell parents or partner 33%
Needed time to make decision 24%
Hoped relationship would change 8%
Pressure not to have abortion 8%
Something changed during pregnancy 6%
Didn’t know timing was important 6%
Didn’t know she could get an abortion 5%
Other 11%

Some very interesting facts from the Alan Guttmacher Institute, (AGI) which is Planned Deathhood's own reporting firm comes this. (h/t to Rachael's Reflections)

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