Friday, June 12, 2009

Abortion and slavery...

The Slave Rebellion of 1831: Who was guilty? 

When Nat Turner led his slave uprising in 1831, brutally killing his masters and a total of 70 white men, women and children, the slaveholders of the deep South howled bitter accusations at those who were calling for the abolition of slavery. 

The slaveholders insisted that it was the rhetoric of those calling for the end of slavery that was responsible for the death of white slaveholders and their families. 

The slaveholders cried out that slavery was a right, and a positive good, and that the abolitionists who said that slavery was "sin," "a crime against God," that "the blood of slaves was crying from the ground," and that "God would bring judgment on the United States for slavery" - that it was these righteous prophets and their rhetoric who were responsible for the death of slaveholders. 

With a blind rage rarely paralleled in human history, many slaveholders refused to admit or even see that slavery was an intrinsic evil that possessed within itself the seeds of violence and carnage. They refuse to see that the cry for justice for the slaves was anchored in God himself, and that they - the slaveholders - were the villains in this story who were bringing America into unthinkable turmoil and bloodshed. 

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