Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Murder ... the premeditated taking of life

As Leslie K. points out, abortion is murder. 

Although it may seem strange, not all women understand that their pregnancy means that they are actually carrying a baby. Oh yes, they have a general idea, but they have been told that what they are carrying is a clump of cells, just some tissue and really, it is not a big deal if they have an abortion. 

There are other women who are coerced or forced to have an abortion out of fear or out of pressure from their families, boyfriends, girlfriends...although friend is really a strange word to use in this case.

There are other women who feel that they have no choice but to abort their baby. They just plain and simple do not want to carry it to term.

I heard a caller on a radio show today ask Father Thomas Euteneuer if abortion was murder and if then, a woman who had an abortion was a murderer. 

Father Euteneuer, head of Human Life International, said that abortion is murder. He said that those who perform abortions are definitely murderers.* The caller went on to ask Father Euteneuer what he was going to do about the murderers.

Father Euteneuer said "I am not going to do anything about them. It is the law that needs to bring them to justice."

Imagine a world in which murderers of the unborn were brought to justice? 

I can't...can you? But, I can pray that the world will one day bring those who are murderers of the unborn to justice. 

For abortion is not compassionate, it is not a "right", it is murder, plain and simple. And those who perform abortions are murderers.

*note - those who are against abortion do not believe that the woman who has an abortion is a murderer. Generally speaking, she does not perform an abortion on herself. If she does, then, yes, she is a murderer. She has committed an act of murder.

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Leslie K. said...

and she must have the intent...and the intent can be reasonably inferred...and that is why education is so important, for without the knowledge and understanding of what she is doing, women don't think they are killing their baby until afterwards, when it is too late and the knowledge hits them right between the eyes.