Monday, May 18, 2009

A beautiful day

for standing on the sidewalk in Seattle outside the Sheraton Hotel, with my "I Regret my Abortion" sign.

Our governor, Christine Gregoire was the keynote speaker for the NARAL luncheon. The luncheon was held at the Sheraton today. There were about fifty people who held signs and stood vigil, praying, outside of the hotel.

America is really so stupid...they teach all about the holocaust in Germany and Rwanda, they teach about the horrors of war, (and something I have never figured out, why is a war called "civil"...oh yah, I know it was within the same country, but the name is an oxymoron...which, I guess fits right in with abortion and its surrounding rhetoric) and rightly so. War is ugly, war is horrible. During war, people are killed. There is a war against babies in America today.

I wonder how many of the students in a history class, ever waved their middle finger in the teacher's face, or drove their car into the classroom, horn blaring, yelling obscenities to their teachers for telling them the truth about the wars they are studying in class.

We in America pride ourselves on being so sophisticated and smart - so advanced and yet we kill the youngest among us with nary a thought, save an ideology that a woman "should" be judge and jury as to whether or not her baby should live or die. 

And, when we who stand with education signs, such as "women do regret their abortion" or "this is a nine week old fetus", we get a finger, waved towards heaven and obscenities yelled at us.

As though that is going to change the fact that babies are being slaughtered. Or, change the history, the very sad history that fifty million babies have already been slaughtered in America.

We are a barbaric nation - a nation which holds that only those who have been deemed by their mothers to live, will live. Fathers have no rights in America - wake up fathers!

Oh and those who yelled at me today - I am sorry, but your yelling and your obscene gestures do not change the fact that I do regret my abortion. Your sore throat will not make me back down from telling the truth and that truth is very fundamental - abortion kills an innocent human being.

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