Friday, May 08, 2009

All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing

And that is what has happened in our country for way too many years.

The following is a report from our local 40 Days For Life Campaign, in which people stood outside of the abortion mill seven days a week from morning to night, in the cold, the rain, the sun and yes, even the snow. They prayed and they talked to people coming in and out of the abortion mill. 

One person makes a difference in another person's life - and in this case, thanks to the prayer warriors of the 40 Days For Life Campaign, seven babies will be born into this world, and those seven will impact the way the world is.

Following are the encouraging statistics from the recently ended Kitsap 40 Days for Life campaign:
  • 7 lives were definitely saved, plus many more that were not reported directly to us.
  • Those seven mothers and fathers, plus many more, were saved a lifetime of guilt, regret, increased medical risks, and depression.
  • Over 400 pamphlets describing the hazards of abortion, premarital sex, and other activities promoted by Planned Parenthood were distributed to young people.
  • Nearly 150 people volunteered their time, money, and energy in all weather situations to present public opposition to a culture which says that it is okay to take a life.
  • Members of 13 churches actively participated in our vigil, and members of over 30 churches prayed with us for the end of abortion.
  • We spoke with an estimated 1000 people about abortion, the abortion industry, and America’s desperate need to return to a culture of life.
Thanks to Jennifer A. from 40 Days For Life for compiling this information.

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