Sunday, April 19, 2009

What do you mean by abortion?

Yesterday I went with a friend of mine to Olympia. We went to pray at the abortion mill and then attend Mass followed by dinner at St. Michael's Catholic Church.

Father Frank Pavone, director for Priests for Life, was the guest speaker at all of the events.

To be educated by Father Pavone is a blessing. Father Pavone was ordained in 1988. He has been working for the past 21 years in educating himself about abortion. 

Father Pavone wrote and asked Dr. Martin Haskell if he would discuss with him, the procedure known as partial birth abortion. Dr. Haskell agreed to sit down and talk with Father Pavone. In their discussion, Dr. Haskell was very forth right about how a partial birth abortion is performed.

At one point, Father Pavone asked Dr. Haskell how, knowing what he was doing, could he continue to do this to babies. Dr. Haskell's answer was that he did not know whether the baby had a soul or not.

Father Pavone responded that it is not necessary for anyone to believe another person has a soul. He asked Dr. Haskell if he believed that he, Father Pavone, did not have a soul, would it be okay to kill him. If our criteria is based on our understanding and only ours about whether a person has a soul or not and therefore justify the killing of that person - - well...what kind of a world do we live in?

There is no answer to that question - just let it sink in. If I become the soul arbitrator of whether or not you, gentle reader, has a soul, then I can also become your executioner without any further ado. 

It is interesting that Father Pavone went to Dr. Haskell, the leading authority on partial birth abortion, to talk to him about the medical procedure and Dr. Haskell ends by talking about spiritual things!

Truth is, we need to ask those who are pro-choice to define what they mean by abortion.

NOT what they mean by choice or by a woman's right - but what they mean by abortion. What is it that they are saying.

It is fruitless to have a discussion when one person is talking about ideologies while another person is talking about facts, medical facts. Each person is having a monologue and it is not a discussion.

For those of you who read this and who are pro-choice, I would really love it if you would leave me a comment, anonymous is fine, telling me, what do you mean by abortion. For those of you who are pro-life, what do you mean by abortion?



chimakuni said...

Via Email from Sarah...

When I think of an abortion, I think of the aborting of God's plan for a young life, thus declaring ourselves gods, and taking away the control that ultimately God has.

Leslie K. said...

I love the logic Father used with the good Doctor. It is gentle and it is kind and it makes you think - and kind of gives you pause. Thank you for sharing this with us.

Macile Hooper LeJeune said...

I am thinking ... how the folks that make our laws ... talk through both sides of their mouth. If anyone causes the death of a pregnant lady ... and the baby (YES, BABY) dies also ... the charge is 'DOUBLE HOMICIDE'. Now, this can be someone with intent to murder; someone drinking while driving; someone just not paying attention ... as so many folks do ... drive through a red light ... because it 'change to red when I was under it, officer'.
All these cases ... are ... murder of a baby; one of GOD's creaters.
Sooooooo, then ... why did the same folks that wrote those laws ... write another law ... that makes it OK for a dr and woman ... murder the child in her womb. Another 'thing' in the good old USA that does not make sense.
But then ... who gives a flip ... of ... WHY DO PIGS SMELL???
That one is worth millions in someones back yard (sponsering law maker) ... and first we were told ... it is out; then ... it is in; and why did Mr. Obama ... the first time he picked up a pen to sign something; it was to put back into effect ... the bill that GWB put into effect ... to stop ... partial birth abortions. Now, please tell me ... why do we continue to elect folks that continuly make promises and/or ... tell us 'I will' ... and do not do any of their 'promises' ... AND ... BOY, I WISH I COULD HAVE BEEN CLOSE TO A ... TEA PARTY.
My sign would have said more than ... stop raising taxes.
DIEU TE BENISSE!!! Cajun Sissy