Tuesday, April 14, 2009

some things are just, well, strange

The phone rang, I answered it - it was a recorded message...blah, blah...credit cards, blah, blah...
Press 9 if you wish to speak to a representative.
I pressed 9 to speak to a representative and ask to have our name removed from their calling list.
A representative answered.
"You pressed 9 to hear more about our lower interest rate credit cards."
"No, actually, I pressed nine to ask you to please remove us from your list. It is illegal in the state of Washington to do what your company is doing."
"Our company is doing its "F...ing" job and if you think that..."
"I beg your pardon?"
And, the representative hung up.
Just thought you would all like to know what others are doing today...their "F...ing" jobs!

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Leslie K. said...

Man, that was one angry, tired phone person.....