Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sexual freedom? I think not.

Gardasil Moms: If one of those 32 dead girls or women was your daughter..   (h/t) After Abortion

You know, sometimes I think I am crazy - crazy for having information that people scoff at...and then I come across the sites, such as After Abortion, linked above, that quotes the Center for Disease Control (a branch of the US Government) articles about 32 females having died from the Gardasil injections.

I imagine that if one man, just ONE, had died due to an injection that was to prevent him from having cancer of the penis/scrotum/urethra, the FDA would have snatched that formula off the market immediately. But alas, it is not men who are dying, but girls (and young ones at that) that have been told that for the sake of their reproductive health, they need to get injections so that they will not get cervical cancer...not all types of cervical cancers, only specific ones. Oh and by the way, the way that this cervical cancer is spread? By the men who have genital warts...yep...a sexually transmitted disease. (but don't believe me, do the research yourself)

Sadly, not a one of these 32 women have a reproductive future at all and their families are left mourning their deaths - all for what? Sexual freedom? Not so free, is it? 

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Leslie K. said...

nope - people don't get it...women are still disposable trash in this world. How very sad.