Friday, March 27, 2009

The elusive Mr. Finn

Dear readers - you may recall that in August, I posted about my attempts to reach a man who was running for Washington State representative. He had sent me a post card, all about himself (no problem there) asking for my vote.

He was endorsed 100 % by Planned Deathhood. I wrote him several emails and I called his office and ... well, here it is, March 2009 and he still has not returned my request to speak with me.

Yesterday, I had the occasion to write to a committee regarding a vote on an energy bill that would be injurous to our state. While writing the different emails, I put in Mr. Finn's that I had been trying to get in touch with him since August.

This is the reply I received....

Ms. Martinez: 


It is unclear what it is we need to call you for. Can you give us some idea? I’m not sure who you called in 8/08, but Rep. Finn has only been in office since this past January.


Jane McCann, Sr. Legislative Aide to

Fred Finn

State Representative

35th Legislative District

430 John L. O'Brien Building

Olympia, WA 98504-0600


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Now, I don't mean to be picky, but the tone of "why should we call you" struck me the wrong is elitism at its best. (the emphasis is mine) 

Here is my reply...

Dear Ms McCann - It is my understanding that civil servants such as Mr. Finn serve at the pleasure of their constituents and as such, I am surprised that you write that you are unclear as to why Mr. Finn "needs to call me".
I called Mr. Finn's campaign office and asked to speak to him in August after I received a post card in the mail telling me to vote for him.
I wanted to discuss his approval rating from Planned Parenthood, which he surprisingly, as a family man, endorses.
I called several times and I also wrote emails, to no avail.
You are the first person who has responded aside from his campaign manager. Mr. Finn is not very communicative with me, one of his constituents.
When Mr. Finn actually calls me (and I am not holding my breath), I will be happy to discuss my concern with him.
Thank you for your concern.
God Bless you - Lee Anne  360 xxx-xxxx
Here is the deal now - I am open to guesses as to when the elusive Mr. Finn calls...anyone want to take a gamble?

I am going to forward this to his office and let them see, that while they may think I am someone who is not important in their holding of office, that we someones have blogs and voices. 


Christine Trollinger said...

He can run but he can't hide forever.

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chimakuni said...

And Mr. Finn is no longer in office ... not that I am sad about that!