Thursday, January 22, 2009

What is the difference between

a rally for LIFE and a rally for the right for a woman to kill her child through abortion?

oh, about six thousand and fifty people....

Really, people, I am NOT making this up - the photo to the right was taken January 20th at the 31st annual Washington March for Life. The police count was 7,000 people on the steps of the capitol building in Olympia.

The second photo was taken today, January 22nd, on a very sad day in the history of the Supreme Court and the United States. 

We attended both rallies - and the rally today had 50 people, tops, protesting their right to kill a baby. It was very sad to listen to these women and men try to justify their right to kill innocent human beings, especially their own children.

The photo of today's rally had to be taken at a distance at the police in the middle would not let us get any closer. 

Please pray that those who were defending the right to kill the unborn will have a change of heart. Please let them have seen the photos below...and to have heard us.


Leslie K. said...


Anonymous said...

thanks for posting this! wish i could have been at the rally.

wish i could save those babies somehow.

John Leslie said...

I wonder how the media has portrayed this. I can imagine they might not be so stark in their portrayal.

God bless all of you!!