Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Roe v Wade...

Thirty six years ago the Supreme Court made a horrible decision - horrible for millions and millions of lives...horrible for the United States of America. In their decision, they not only signed the death sentence for innocent babies, they also tore this country apart.

Today, many of us will go to the March For Life in the capitol of Washington State - Olympia. We will stand in 37 degree weather and protest the ruling that was passed down which resulted in the deaths of too many children, and some mothers.  

Last evening, I got an email from a friend who is a pro-life advocate. She found it on a blog...and I am going to paste it in here so that you can read how those who are pro-abortion think. I have put my comments in in red. Now mind you, I know there are many rapid pro-life people and I do believe that is partially due to the frustration of the insane killing that happens day in and day out.

Anyway, without further ado - 

It's supposed to read thus:

January 22nd: Rally in Olympia in Defense of Abortion Rights

author: Radical Women
Jan 15, 2009 21:41

Rally at Olympia Capital Steps to celebrate the defense of abortion rights: Jan 22, 2009 at noon!

Celebrate the 36th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion by joining with other defenders of choice (defenders of the right to kill our own flesh and blood) on the steps of the Washington State Capitol Building in Olympia, WA. Protest starts at noon!

In previous years, the right wing "March for Life" has gathered at the Capitol on the date of the historic Supreme Court ruling. This year, however, the Roe v. Wade Celebration committee took the offensive(they have the ruling and they are still fighting!) by reserving the spot for a rally to honor safe (don't know how safe it is for the baby...and abortions still kill and maim women year in and year out - there is nothing safe about them) and legal abortion!

Radical Women is organizing a carpool from Seattle that will leave at 10am. For more information, please call 206-722-6057 or email  rwseattle@mindspring.com.


Your donation is needed. Send checks to: Roe v. Wade Celebration, PO Box 769, Olympia WA 98507. Email:  roevwadecelebration@gmail.com (wonder what they need money for?)

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Hey Trouble Makers
Posted by: Pro-Choice Hooligan at Jan 15, 2009 21:59

Calling all rebels,

Let's raise hell in Olympia on the 22nd. I'm tired of barely anything happening to this huge presence of sexist hatred in our city. (this is a new term to me ... sexist hatred) Streaking(they had five fat, ugly men streaking last year - in front of children...they are just brilliant in their strategy) might be fun and all and so can spending time making placards for counter protests, but maybe it's time to get serious and make them not want to come back again.

This is a call out for a more angry(angry, they are angry...in part, due to their own abortions and not being able to resolve the issue of having had one) crew to do what needs to be done to stop them from distributing their idiotic message. (idiotic message - Abortion Hurts)

Are there going to be antis there?(I am certainly an Auntie, but would not be if all my nephews had been aborted!!! Yes, dear friends, I will be there) 

Posted by: deanosor at Jan 17, 2009 11:30

I understand that we have taken the offensive and this si going to be a celebration of a woman's right to choose(the death of her child) on the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade, but to know what kind of situation we are going into, are there aupposed to be right-wing anti-choice(oh yes, we will be there, praying for your souls and for your change of heart against your children) people there?

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