Wednesday, January 07, 2009


30 %  of hospitals in the United States closing? When? How? Why?

When? Immediately, if the Freedom of Choice Act is signed into law, Catholic hospitals across the United States would close - and that is 30 % of all U.S. hospitals.

Why? The law would mandate all hospitals to perform abortions. If a hospital was not in compliance with performing abortions, then it would be shut down. Where is the freedom for a citizen of the United States who is a physician  to follow his or her conscience in this? How can you tell a person that they must agree to killing the unborn and force them to do so? What freedom, for whom?

How? Good question - how has it come to this? By the populace of the United States being so bent on the freedom of a woman to kill her own child - by electing the most pro-abortion president the United States has ever had. By forcing people to go against their conscience or walk away from their livelihood.

Partial Birth Abortion would once again be permitted - that is the delivering the baby into the mother's birth canal, sticking scissors into the baby's head and sucking out its brain in order to collapse the head and deliver a dead baby. A heinous crime against humanity.

Tax payer's money would fund not just some abortions but ALL abortions if this bill is passed into law.

We must work against abortion - the killing of innocent souls. We must pray, we must contact our president elect and let him know that FOCA is not a freedom at all - it will have devastating effects on the health care in the United States as well as take away freedom, not increase it.

Planned Parenthood is the number ONE abortion provider in our country and received over $300 million of our tax dollars to destroy 289,650 unborn children in 2006. They are probably "educating" your children in their school.  Visit to learn more!

F.O.C.A. is a bad bill -  an despicable and evil bill and it should not be signed into law. 


Laura said...

Good to see you're still posting. Less than 2 weeks ago, a friend contacted me about taking on a "little project" together. That project has turned into Deliberate Engagement - at - Would you please take a look? We also need resources, and I plan to glean your blog heavily for them. (And send me an email via the blog address, so I can contact you privately?)

God continue to bless you for your work, here -
Love, Laura

Laura said...

I emailed you - and got a delivery failure message. Since I copied the address and pasted it into the window...

Email us at for simplicity
(and if you delete this msg I won't be offended at all!)

Dixie's Whimsey said...

thank you for bringing this information to the forefront. I couldn't agree with you more.