Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A bitterly cold day...

Snow, slush and temperatures below freezing here in Western Washington. A day, though, when planned deathhood continues killing the most vulnerable among us.

Mel and I went to the abortion mill this morning to pray for the mothers, to pray for the fathers, to pray for the little babies, being taken into the building, nestled in their mother's womb, not able to comprehend that within a few short minutes, their lives would be terminated. 

I watched at least four women, wearing sweats and loose clothing, go into the abortion mill. Sometimes they were accompanied by a male friend - the father of the baby? - and other times by a female friend. 

I watched one young couple, drive up in a nice car, park, get out, and as they reached the killing facility, the mother held her hand under her lower belly, as if protecting her baby. 

That broke my heart - knowing that if that mother submits to an abortion, she, for the rest of her life, will know that she was party to killing of her child. 

I watched the parking lot where people waited in cars, smoking and talking with one another, while their friend or family member was inside, having an abortion. What in the world do they talk about?

I watched one poor young woman, standing outside,in sweat pants and a thin atheletic jacket protecting her from the cold. She stood in the bitter cold for five or so minutes, and finally, a car drove up and she got inside. Had she just had an abortion? Chances are - probably. 

Please pray for all the men and women who felt they had no choice but to kill their babies - please pray for the hearts of those who find nothing wrong about this "right"; that they would repent and turn to God. 

Lord - hear our prayer -

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