Thursday, November 06, 2008

Oh and so...

last night before heading to bed, I turned on the news. I turned it on at the 15 after mark, so I would not hear any political garbage - after all, I just want these four years to be over...can anyone say "mistake?"

Anyway - turns out there was political news on and it was on Assisted Suicide. The former governor, Booth Gardner, who was a big name behind I 1000 was being interviewed. He suffers from Parkinsons, which is not terminal - at least not any more terminal than my being alive and working my way towards death . . . I digress --

The former governor said "This permits patients to talk to their doctors about end of life issues. We will not have to feel guilty..."

OH! So THAT is what it is. You want to feel "okay" about offing yourself. About killing yourself and thumbing your nose at God - you want others to agree with you so you won't feel "guilty."

I see a common theme here - and that is - if it is LEGAL, it is MORAL.

Well, readers - there is nothing moral about killing one's self. Nothing, nada, zip.

Former governor Booth Gardner may think that he is salving his conscience by making it legal and there thinks that he is not accountable - but, former Gov. I don't think it works that way...

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