Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Wall Street Journal

has an article on The Toughest Test. The article tells of a family who was faced with a child in utero who had a serious genetic disorder.

The mom, Mrs. Carden talks about being robbed of her pregnancy by the "specialists". She says that every time she would go in for an ultra sound, she would be told that the baby probably would not survive and that she should terminate her pregnancy.

Then, there is this...

"His wife, who is Catholic, had other reasons for wanting to see the pregnancy through. When she was 18 and unmarried, Mrs. Carden had an abortion. She says she still felt guilty about it, and that was another reason she didn't want to go through the procedure again."

Readers - does a person being Catholic have anything to do with abortion being wrong? Are those who are Catholic the only ones that feel guilty when they have an abortion? Are the Catholics the only ones who don't want to have an abortion procedure?

OR, just perhaps, does the taking of life have to do with why abortion is wrong? Does the guilt about having an abortion come from a place deep within the mother that has nothing to do with whether she is Catholic or not? Or for that matter, a father's guilt and angst about having lost his child through abortion.

The article goes on to say that Mrs. Carden told her husband that she would NOT have an abortion - that it was a marriage breaker. This woman knows the impact of abortion on a relationship.

The truth of abortion is that it does kill a live, human being. The truth of an abortion is that it is wrong - you do not have to be Catholic to know that. The truth of an abortion is that it ruins relationships. The truth of an abortion is that it is horrible.

There is, as in all sin, forgiveness from God who created us and loves us. Please, if any of you have been involved in an abortion, either procured one, helped someone to get one, counseled someone to get an abortion, were silent when you knew someone was going to go in for an abortion - please, repent. Ask God, the Father of Mercy, to forgive you. Tell Him you are sorry that you denied the right of His Created Child to live. Tell Him you are sorry that you denied a soul, baptism.

For futher help, please call 1 877 HOPE 4 ME.

On another note, the young man we are praying for, Kevin, was born to an unwed mother. He survived the 1973 ruling that says that abortion is available upon demand - the worst ruling in the United States.

Kevin could have been legally aborted. AND, my readers - that would have been a tragedy. Kevin has had a full life in his 29 years. He has had friends, siblings, been a good son and brought many to their knees in prayer this past week.

Kevin's life makes a difference - and each child, created in the Image and Likeness of God makes a difference. We mere mortals have no right to terminate the life of anyone.

Thank you Lord, for Kevin's life. Thank you for his family, and dear readers, please continue to pray for Kevin and his family. Thank you.


Leslie K. said...

May God BLESS you over and over and over for being a voice in the wilderness on the issue of abortion. I am so proud to know you and to be your sister - you taught me to be silent no MORE.

Leslie K. said...


I think.

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