Friday, October 17, 2008

Maria Schriver...and an amazing quote

"Every choice we've made is the right choice"

I am quoting Maria Schriver from her appearance on the Oprah Winfrey show yesterday, October 16, 2008. She was sitting with Oprah and none other than Gloria Steinem. Maria was emphatic in her correct choices. Now I do know that Gloria Steinem is post abortive and she led many women to "take up arms" against men and led her own feminist brand of hatred against children and men.

Gloria Steinem sat smiling as the accolades of how brave she was to push forward and make men unnecessary in a woman's life through her preaching and writings were placed in front of her.

Then, Gloria, after all of her pontificating against marriage, family and men, got married! So, which choice was wrong? The feminism or the marriage? Or were they both right?

Maria Schriver was congratulating herself, as was Oprah, about an upcoming event that is being held on the 22 of October. Fourteen thousand women are going to be attending an event and the tickets sold out quicker than a "Madonna concert" (to quote Oprah).

Bono will be one of the guest speakers ... Maria said that it has taken her four years to coordinate his schedule so that he can appear. I am sure that Bono will talk about world peace and women - a good thing - but what about the babies, the babies that these women have aborted so that they could follow Gloria's lead?

I would love to be able to speak at this conference. I would love to be able to tell these women that not all choices they have made have been the right choices.

Amazing...just amazing - I don't know about you dear readers, but not every choice I have made has been the right choice. The choice to have that second helping of dessert when I was already full, made for an uncomfortable night of sleep, the choice that I made in wearing that outfit that was tight made me uncomfortable the whole time I was wearing it. The choice I made to ignore God's presence in my life. The choice I made to be selfish, making the choice to sound off when I should have been silent...etc., etc.

I would love to be able to talk to these women and congratulate them for being the leaders that they are - and I would also love to tell them about the love that God has for them - that even though they may have made the choice to abort their child, that they will find forgiveness in Him.

Shall I write to Maria and let her know that I may be available for next year's conference?

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