Monday, October 20, 2008

I KNEW I liked Sarah Palin...she thinks!

Click here. She knows what we all know - opening the door to "gay" marriage is just dumb, stupid and wrong. Okay, so she did not put it in those words, but really think about it - homosexual and marriage? Just does not work - you want to live together? Go ahead, but DO NOT tell me that I need to recognize homosexual co-habitation as a marriage. Do not tell me that your own, personal, private behavior which is a choice you make needs to be shoved down my throat so that you can feel good about yourself.

There are many things in my life that I am unable to do...why? Because they are wrong. I accept that and I try to abide by what is right ... being the sinner I am, it is not always easy.

One of the things that is wrong is judges overturning the vote of the people. California is a prime example of this. The populace said they did not want "gay" marriage. The judges ignored the people's wishes. How DARE they?

In 1972 the Supreme Court Justices were wrong - judges deciding that since they did not know - nine people - when life began, it was okay to abort the life in the womb of the mother. NINE people! Their policy? You can abort - we won't ask. How dumb? Very dumb! And, deadly to at least 50,000,000 United States citizens.

Sarah Palin - I am liking her more and more ...

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