Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Who, ME?

You will be called a fascist, a liar, a homophobe and an oppressive religious freak who could care less about the poor homosexual teens forced to hide themselves away for fear of being beaten and attacked and otherwise harmed.....SO DON'T JUST SIT THERE: GO FOR IT!!!!!!CATHOLIC, OUT LOUD!!!!! love you - Leslie

Dear readers . . . there are so many times when it is comfortable to sit in our homes and ignore what is going on around us. That is one of the reasons I enjoyed home educating our sons.

The boys are now attending a public high school - right up the road from us. I signed up to receive their bulletins in order to keep up with what is going on in the school. Yesterday there was a very disturbing entry in the bulletin:

"GSA .. WOW! North Mason students are the bests many signed up. The GSA club will begin their meetings this Wednesday in the Library @ 2:30 to 3:30. Thanks to all of you for signing up. It should be another great year of fun by making new friends, helping others, and being involved with the purpose of making our high school a caring and safe place for EVERYONE. We have lots of activities to do and lots of support behind us. See you next Wednesday on October 1, 2008 @ 2:30 in the Library."

On the face of this little blurb, this club looks like a good thing to come and check out. The club wants everyone to come to make the high school a caring and safe place. The club also promises that when you come, you will help others, make new friends and most importantly have fun!!

I want our sons to have fun. I want our sons to help make the school a safe and caring place. I would like it if the school was a safe and caring place. These are all GOOD things.

However, GSA stands for Gay Straight Alliance. Now - what in the heck is that? Well, it is a well funded, well thought out promotion of the homosexual life style. This club's aim is to stop the harrasment of "gay" students and to help those who think that they may be homosexual to have a safe place to come and find out.

This is fine - except that it is WRONG!!! Wrong that this promotion of a very deadly, dangerous life style is on any school campus of students who for the most part are under the age of nineteen years of age.

The homosexual life style is very violent, I have lost three of my homosexual friends to gun shots by their lovers or themselves. Deadly, I have lost countless of friends to the HIV/ AIDS virus, physically challenging, rectal bleeding, hepatitis, black eyes. Alcohol and drug abuse - one of my dear, dear friends, Tommy, a wonderful man, died of cirrhorsis of the liver in the midst of his homosexual life style. I have sat with the mother of a son who died of AIDS and twenty years later she is still devastated.

I do not stand against the person who has homosexual proclivities - for we all have a fallen nature - but I do not wish for anyone to be duped into thinking that the homosexual way of life is a happy life, a healthy life or a life style that one should engage in.

I loved Tommy - it did not matter to me that he was a homosexual, but I would not be at all surprised if he would be one of the first one's to be writing the same information if he were here. He tried running from the homosexual life style through alcohol and drug abuse. Tommy was an hysterically funny man when he was sober..when he was drunk, he was a drunk.

Human nature has a built in "check" system. A young boy or girl, having a same sex attraction is not wrong. To go forth and act out on the same sex attraction will send up a "check" in their system. We all have a conscience and even at its most unformed, we all know when we have done something that is not quite right.

IF a person is at North Mason High School, there is a club that says ... hey kids! You can have fun, we will show you how to over come your natural "check" system and you can become more involved in this horrible, deadly life style.

This is wrong - and this is why I have called to speak with the superintendent yesterday. I called again this morning, an hour and a half ago. He must be a busy man, for he has not returned my call.

Readers - please pray that I will be able to speak with the superintendent of the school and please pray with me "Come Holy Spirit ... use me to speak your words in love and truth and shut me up when I need to be shut up!"
Tommy - pray for us!

Thank you.


Patty "Wilson" P said...

I stumbled on your blog and wanted to say you are truly doing what God has called you to do.

Silent Rain Drops said...

My little brother suffers from same-sex attraction. I believe it is a social attachment disorder that resulted from an inadequate bond with his mother (at birth, when her own abortion trauma failed to stimulate her brain's bonding center, the anterior cingulate, and then also failed to jump-start the same center in her infant's brain). This is based on the research and theories of neurologists, and covers a multitude of social attachment disorders, including autism. It also explains why those who identify themselves as homosexuals say they have felt that way all of their lives.

But the biggest problem I see in my brother's life as a homosexual is the limitation it imposes on him. He is forced to define himself by one aspect of his self - sexual attraction. But we are all so much more than this: we are friends, parents, siblings, children; we work as teachers, artists, musicians, authors, technicians, plumbers, etc. There is so much more to our lives and our personalities.

He is an unhappy young man. He has been violently assaulted after being drugged in a bar. He longs for something he cannot name, and cannot establish deep and long-lasting relationships of any nature.

Thank you for your understanding the difference between the sin and the sinner, and for your compassionate voice.

chimakuni said...

SRD - you are so correct - we ARE so much more than our sexuality. We are beloved of God and He made us complex.

I am sorry that your brother has struggled so. Life is a valley of tears for all of us - when it is complicated with issues that seemingly are beyond our control, it takes a lot of discipline and control to deal with those.

I shall pray for your brother, SRD and for all those who struggle with same sex attraction.

Thank you for writing.

Macile Hooper LeJeune said...

OK; so here I go again. I had stopped praying to St. Maria Goretti ... a couple of weeks ago; believing ... since you had not spoken of this lately ... that GOD had worked it all out. Soooo, St. Maria Goretti; bring all these teens back to our Sweet Jesus ... and keep them on a 'straight' path to our Father, GOD.
Cajun Sissy