Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Nearly three weeks ago, our family, the boys and us, decided that they would no longer continue to be educated at home, but rather attend the high school in our neighborhood.

For eight years, I have educated our sons here at home. We have traveled without anyone else's schedule dictating to us, we have taken days off when they were ill, and we have enjoyed the luxury that home educating affords.

This year, life has changed. The house is quiet from six thirty a.m. to three p.m. The classroom remains untouched. The energy of two teenagers is absent. It is a time of reflection for me and a time of new beginnings and new friendships for the boys.

The boys have adapted well to their new school adventure. They spend a lot of time on homework - sometimes as long as what we put in on a whole day of schooling! They are studious and dedicated to doing well.

I am so happy for them! I am so happy that they have made a good transition from home to school.

Jordon asked me on the first day of school, "Mom, are you going to get a job now?"

I laughed and said "LET ME BREATH first!"

Having taught full time, all subjects, grade two to grade twelve, has been an experience I have enjoyed it at times, hated it at times, and loved having been able to have taught our boys at home.

Jesse, our eldest is out on his own, in his second year of employment in his chosen field of diesel mechanics, and now the two younger boys are on their own, kind of, sort of.

I used to think in terms of "five years and I will be done", or "two more to go" and now my thinking has altered.

My thinking is now - WHAT? What will I do to occupy the time that I dedicated to educating the boys? Do I miss teaching? Who am I now, now that my identity as a home educating mom is no longer me?

There are so many options - I have so many things to do - and yet, most of them are being left undone while I take a breather!

Please pray for our boys, Jordon and Gabe, (Jesse, too!), as they continue with their education in a new venue.

Please pray for Mel and me, that we enjoy this time of quiet (way too!) in our home!

God Bless you, gentle readers.

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Leslie K. said...

Don't worry...I have something percolating up my sleeve...there is always a call for CATHOLICS OUT LOUD