Friday, August 29, 2008

Confessions of a Couch Potato Extraordinaire

Dear Readers - while others were thrilled about being cheerleaders and playing hockey and flag football in school, I was perfectly happy to sit on the side lines and cheer. I have a loud voice so the cheering was easy and I learned how to whistle very one who was at a game with me would not know that I was there.

My couch potato-ing has followed me throughout life. I have tried to run - failed miserably, I joined Curves - was taken to the ER with a suspected heart attack - I have had asthma and therefore, couching is a good way for me to go.

However, even though I am a couch potato extraordinaire - I much admire those who are not.

One of the women who is definitely NOT a couch pototo is my friend, Melissa. Melissa is a woman who is an athelete. She apparently knows no bounds - she is a tri-athelon, as well as hiker, snow climber and traveler of third world countries. I admire her.
Melissa in training . . .

In a few weeks, Melissa will be doing a fund raiser for ultrasound machines. ALL of the proceeds, not just some, but ALL of the proceeds from this fundraiser will be going to purchase ultrasound machines.

Here is Melissa's story as to how she came to want to help the tiniest among us - -

Will you please join me in helping to raise funds for ultrasound machines? There is a 97 % success rate of mothers choosing life after seeing their babies in utero.
Thank you -

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