Friday, June 06, 2008

My "Tree"

This is Treelow. He came to live with us when Jesse was in the fifth grade, which means that he is ten or eleven years old now. He has given us many hours of delightful 'conversation' as well as just plain enjoyment in the watching of him.
He lives in his cage, for the most part, in the famiy room. When I read outloud to the boys, Treelow becomes VERY vocal - sometimes to the point of having to remove him from the room in order for me not to have to shout out my words.
I have found recently that if I say "Treelow" when he starts getting wound up, he will stop his incessant chattering and will calm down and permit me to continue reading without shouting.
Aren't we like that with God? We chatter to Him and at Him. We go on and on and on about US and we seldom stop to hear Him say, "Yes, my child, I am listening."
Today, hear His Voice - and Listen to Him.
All praise and glory to God who gives us the little parakeets to teach us about Him!

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Angela M. said...

Love your blog and have added you to my blog roll. I stand in awe of your ProLife commitment.You are one brave woman!