Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Backyard fences and good neighbors...

One of my great joys in life is talking with people. I enjoy getting to know people, who they are, what their lives are about and in general, loving others.

The other day, I was out watering and our neighbor was out in her yard as well. We got to talking and during our conversation, I told her that my heart was with those who had had abortions and that I worked with Rachel's Vineyard, here in western Washington. I gave her some information regarding the healing retreats as we talked about abortion.

One of her statements was:

"We don't have this conversation, my friends and I - we never talk about it."

We mused that perhaps there had been abortions among her friends - she is in her 60's and yet it is the last taboo - and I firmly believe that because we do not talk about abortion as a society - at least in polite company, it has been able to proliferate and injure so many men and woman, not to mention kill off so many holy innocents.

Abortion - such a hot topic because for some reason, it became political instead of something that one would never consider obtaining. It has, in many areas, become a rite of passage for women, young and not so young...and it has killed 50,000,00 and counting.

I told her that I was post abortive - I want her to know that it is safe to talk to me about abortion and it is safe for her to seek help for her friends or even herself.

I pray to be a good neighbor - not just to the people with whom I share a fence, but to all ...

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Christine said...

and indeed you are a good neighbor. Sharing all your wisdom helping others.Love you Little NW sissy.