Monday, April 07, 2008


In my non-professional life, I have attended more conferences than I did while I was a "professional." I was a teacher, a special education teacher as well as a K-8 teacher. I used my profession for several years, and then decided that while I love children and loved the idea of being a teacher, because it got me close to children, I was not a teacher. So, with a lot of disappointment I left teaching. Not because I knew that I was not an effective teacher, but because I thought that my career in teaching was the only thing I could do.

I remember flying home from Yemen, where I had left my teaching job. I remember crying as the plane circled and landed at JFK airport in New York. I remember calling my parents collect from New York to inform them that I had left Yemen after seven months and was heading out west without a job.

I was so scared to have left my teaching job because my four years of college had geared me towards that, plus that was my 'identity.' I knew that my parents were happy that I was a teacher, even though I was miserable in the job. I was worried that I was injuring children instead of being a good teacher to them. And, since it was MY teaching, my life and my situation, I decided that it was best that I leave teaching all together.

I soon found out that I was much better suited to the job that I held for the next seven years...and that was one of a reservation agent for an airline. I love talking to people. I love helping people and I am fed by the energy of others. I loved to travel - and I did quite a bit of that, meeting people along the way and enjoying a life style that was fun.

I met my husband while working for the airline. As we married, I realized that my traveling days would be curtailed due to money restrictions. And, that has been okay with me. We have flown several times together as a family, and quite seriously, travel "ain't what it used to be."

Being married and raising three sons has been my life's delight and joy...albeit with some rocky times thrown in for good measure.

Being a non-professional and attending conferences in which I am honored to meet workers in the Vineyard who are much smarter than me, has been a wonderful gift from God. It has me thinking that perhaps all my schooling to become a teacher did not go to waste and that perhaps I want to go back to school and get another degree so that I can be more useful in the Vineyard.

My mom in law is recuperating nicely - that was one of the benefits of going to this past week's Rachel's Vineyard Conference - we were able to see her for two days. What a gift that was!
Thank you for all your prayers on her behalf.


Macile Hooper LeJeune said...

I often wonder how my life would have changed had I accepted a scholarship that was offered to me. Knowing HL and I were getting married ... 6 days after graduation; 'figgering' I would have a child right away; and knowing that I would be needed on a daily basis for driving my mom-in-law and Russell's wife ... so that the guys would not have to stop working in the field to get that done ... well, you know the rest of the story (almost). Ricki was born ... 4 years and 16 days after our wedding. Shucks!!! Ohe, well, GOD's will be done ... and I learn so much ... here at this machine every day ... I do not regret not having a degree like I used to. DIEU TE BENISSE!!!
Cajun Sissy

Esther said...

Hi, Lee Anne,

In God's economy, no experience is ever wasted. He has a way of using us in ways we'd never imagine. I always find it interesting to look back and see how He leads, even when the path winds in unexpected ways and seems "unusual." I'm glad you can see how He is using your past training.

And glad your mom-in-law is doing better!

Much love,