Sunday, March 30, 2008

Prayers, please

This is my prayer is also a place where I spend a lot of time - it is just above the kitchen sink!

Today, dear readers, I am asking for prayers for my mom-in-law, "Mom."

She was hospitalized last Wednesday with an irregular heartbeat. The doctors have been monitoring her and have found that her heart stops beating for several seconds, even with the medication they have her on to regulate her heart beat.

It was decided today that she will have a pace maker implanted tomorrow morning, around nine a.m. pacific daylight savings time.

I know that God is in control ... I also know that He desires us to come before Him with our concerns, our petitions and our love. In that vain, may I ask you to come and pray with me, for my Mom, that the surgery will be successful and she will be able to return home soon.

Oh yah - she was 92 on Saturday!


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Macile Hooper LeJeune said...

Also, praying. How is she???
May our Sweet Jesus hold her now ... and be ready to hug her tightly ... in years to come. Yep, YEARS ... ;-) GOD Bless.
Cajun Sissy