Tuesday, February 26, 2008

washing machines and sashes

Our middle son is on his way to become an Eagle Scout. Tonight is a night of review for him. He has a new sash which needs to be washed in order for us to glue (yes, my fingers find it way too difficult to sew these days) his earned merit badges.

Into the washing machine went the sash - sans any fabric softener, along with other clothes that needed to be washed.

During one of the incoming water cycles, Mel and I heard water swishing in a manner that we have not heard prior. Mel is on one phone with Amex and also via cell phone with his sister (long story...) and so the best I can do is shut off the valves that connect the water and oh yeah, turn off the washing machine.

Now Mel is off the phones and we are troubleshooting the problem. There is definitely water down the back of the machine and down the wall...

That this is the largest problem of my day is wonderful! Now praying that we can get the rest of the cycle done, the sash dried and merit badges glued on...

Thank you Lord for minor inconveniences and for intellect to be able to troubleshoot and fix.


DJ said...

Tell him congrats on the Eagle! Scouting is sooo wonderful, it gave me so many memories. Eagle is a wonderful accomplishment!

And prayers are with you as far as the washing machine. I hope everything worked out OK!

God bless!

Leslie K. said...

CONGRATULATIONS my little cyber nephew...EAGLE scout is no small accomplishment. And, congrats to you - Eagle Scout Mom - and to Mel (Eagle Scout Dad). The sacrifice of the parents deserves a round of applause!

chimakuni said...

Thank you Leslie and DJ...Jordon is ON his way, actually, his review was for his STAR status, which he was awarded with last night. He is determined and focused, so I know he will get to his Eagle Scout as soon as he is able.

Now for the not so good news - - it seems that the water line is messed up and so Mel has gone to get a snake to hopefully, clean it out, so we can be back in business.

Macile Hooper LeJeune said...

Praying for the washing machine. Well, where would we modern housewives be without it.
AND ... a big congratulation to Jordon. DIEU TE BENISSE!!!
Cajun Sissy

Christine said...

Congrats to the Eagle Scout! Hope the wm is fixed and working fine by now.