Friday, February 15, 2008

St James Family

So - I have this most brilliant on line family that helps me through life. They are a band of faithful, funny, fearless OUTLOUD CATHOLICS* who don't let me get away with any nonsense and at the same time love the stuffing out of me.

I am so blessed to be a part of them.

Most of us on the list are converts to Holy Mother Church. Some are reverts - or in other words, had their Damascus Experience as adults versus as children or young adults.

Many years ago, I was in a roll over car accident while I was teaching down in Queensland, Australia. The car came to rest on its top and I was able to crawl out. People driving behind us stopped to assist Bob and me. I was picked up and carried and placed on the boot of the car. All of a sudden, I went blind - my vision totally left me. I was blind.

It seemed like a forever moment before I regained my vision. And then it was another forever before I was compared to Saul who became Paul.

God knocked Saul, persecutors of Christians off his horse - God rolled Lee Anne, persecutors of Christians, over and over again in a car.

It was many years before the connection was made for me by my dear Sister Monica (Carmelite Nun) who had been my roommate whilst we lived in Mt. Isa. She prayed for me, probably many times daily, for my conversion and opening to God.

And, God answered her prayers - He brought me Home to Rome and through God I met my Saint James Family and I am forever grateful!

*Thank you to my Modesto Sissy - lover of all things 49ers!


DJ said...

Yeah, we're a crazy bunch aren't we. :) St. James has been such a HUGE blessing in my life as well!

God bless,

Macile Hooper LeJeune said...

Hooooorrrrraaaaayyyyy for Sister Monica. Jesus, I trust in YOU.
DIEU TE BENISSE!!! Cajun Sissy

Christine said...

Way to go Sissy! St Monica and Sr Monica...HMMM!

chimakuni said...

I was amazed, actually, at all the prayers that you "cradle" Catholics pray - for the conversion of souls ... so not only did Sr. Monica (and more than likely St. Monica) pray for me, they have also been praying for so many to come to know God in the Church that He established.

I love praying that all will come to know the truth as God has revealed and I am so humbled and happy that others before me did for me and that God opened my heart and eyes!

Leslie K. said...

And we are Out Loud - aren't we????
Which is as it should be..lololol..