Friday, February 08, 2008


I am grateful for my friends - especially my faith - filled, female friends who I can laugh with, cry with and just plain hang out with -

This afternoon I met with two dear friends for coffee. Each one of us has had our trials and tribulations in our lives - one of my friends lost her husband to a massive heart attack
last January. It was such a shock to all of us. He was far too young.

My friend's husband and I share the same birthday and so, in a way, although I did not know him, I 'know' him. I ask for his intercession when I am going on a speaking engagement for my pro-life talks, and he always comes through for me!

A friend who does not live here called last night - she and I have spoken over the phone several times about our angst and joys, and
we communicate by Email nearly daily, if not several times a day! She is a delight - she too, has lost her husband - two years ago - far too soon.

We are friends because we are willing to share our feelings, willing to listen to one another about our feelings and willing to encourage one another in this wonderful journey of life.

We never know where the bend in the road is going to take us. I am so thankful to God that he has lined my road with dear, dear friends. Praise Him!

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butch said...

My sweet and dear friend, Lee Anne; you are reaping what you have sown all these years. So many of us are more enlightened and following your footsteps in faith, and we say 'merci beaucoup plus et plus (thanks a bunch)' for being here for us. xxxooo