Monday, December 31, 2007

It came in the mail - another speeding ticket for our eldest son. He is good at accumulating them and I am good at being furious with him for being so good at accumulating them.

When I become frustrated with his speeding, when I think of all the words I have used to try to get him to STOP being such irresponsible driver, I wonder if it is worth all the angst.

We try so hard to grow our children up. We speak with them, we encourage them, we smack them down verbally at times, we simply want what is best for them. And yet, and yet, time and time again we are disappointed. I want him to change...

I wonder if this is how God views me, His Child. I know how precious our children are to me - and I know that God loves me more than I love them, so why is it that I disappoint God so often?

I know there are times when God wishes I would change; times He is disappointed in me. Somehow, though I have never thought that God did not think I was worth all the angst that I put forth for Him.

Hmmm - me thinks I need to offer the angst that this latest speeding ticket has brought, to God and ask Him to help me see things in a different light.

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